Riešo Dirželis Huawei Honor Band 5 Dirželis Apyrankės už Garbės Juosta 4 Apyrankę, Juostą Garbę 4 Juostos Garbę 5 Correa Pulsera

Prieinamumas: Yra sandėlyje

€3.51 €2.32

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Produkto informacija: Gamintojas: Mijobs Pavadinimas: Silikoninė Apyrankė dėl Garbės juosta skaičius 4/5 naudojimas: Garbės juosta 5 Riešo Juostos Ir Garbės juosta 4 Riešo Juostos Medžiaga:TPU Dirželio Plotis: 16mm Produktų Sąrašas: Dirželis/Sagtis Spalva: Juoda / Balta / Oranžinė / Midnight Blue / Purpkle/ Rausva

  • Prašymas: Už Garbę Band Apyrankė Skaičius 4/5, Domina Keitimas
  • Tipas: Riešo Dirželis
  • Taikymo Amžiaus Grupėje: Suaugusiųjų
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: MIJOBS
  • Suderinamumas: Už Garbę Band Apyrankė Skaičius 4/5, Domina Keitimas


Sveta Miledi | 2020-11-14

Just like the picture, translucent yellow and perfect for my honor Band 5

5 / 5

Fwhite6342 | 2020-11-03

Beautiful and comfortable bright color

5 / 5

Steveng430 | 2020-11-10

I wanted to remove the star for a complete mismatch of color, but decided to be kind). Before this order used the straps of another seller, and there they were very soft (like a native strap) with two rims-holders of the tail with a tooth each. The mounts were the same color as the strap itself. And now that in these straps: The material is silicone much denser, they are not as flexible as we would like, however, due to the dense silicone bezel-tail holder (it's just one, by the way) denser includes a tooth in the hole and really holds a stronger hanging tail of the bracelet. Clips in the kit are standard 3 pcs., however, what color of the bracelet you do not choose-the latch will be black! The bracelet itself seems to fit tightly to the watch. No gaps found. In the Sun, the material has small sequins, which are absolutely not visible in daylight. Colors do not correspond to the declared seller at all. They are more saturated and dark. The seller sent a coupon discount for 1 $. In general, I liked bracelets. It's been a long time. Seller respect!

5 / 5

Gbyewforevfed | 2020-09-11

Fully corresponds to the description. The product was sent very quickly and also quickly it went to Moscow. I recommend the seller.

5 / 5

Kcwairima | 2020-10-06

The strap did not really like, because the transition from watch to bracelet is not clear, пррсвечивается the internal dark connection of the bracelet from the inside, it does not look aesthetic or not harmonious. In size came up, a little harder than the original.

5 / 5

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