12cm Originali Fox Fur Pp Pp Moterų Maišelį Klaidą Pabaisa Krepšys Žavesio Klaidas Pompom Keychain Prabanga Pakabukas f315

Prieinamumas: Yra sandėlyje


Produkto aprašymas

Dydis: 10 cm / 12cm

Medžiaga: Real " Fox Fur

Metalo sagtis: Auksas

  • Elemento Tipas: Raktų Pakabukai
  • Kilmės: KN(Kilmės)
  • Funkcija: Laikotarpis Tracker
  • Metalų Tipas: Nerūdijančio plieno
  • Metalo spalvos: Šviesiai Geltonos Aukso Spalvos
  • Suderinamumas: Viskas Suderinama
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: Grožio Meilės
  • Formos\modelis: ROUND
  • Stilius: Madinga
  • Bauda ar Mados: Mados
  • Lytis: Unisex
  • Modelio Numeris: f315


Feodot Ukorov 92 Russia Mosobl | 2020-08-18

Très mauvaise qualité

1 / 5

Altair 2000 | 2020-10-06

The color is different

5 / 5

Cary Price | 2020-12-02

They are beautiful all pompoms and very soft. Thank you very much to the seller who is very kind and with whom I have had a very good communication. I recommend it.

5 / 5

Markmarioortega | 2020-12-10

The pompoms are soft, and the colors are like the pictures I don't know exactly whether it's real fur or not, in any case I'm very satisfied. The dark pompom is the largest, but all three are very fluffy and they didn't smell at all. And there was a present in the package, including a key ring. Thanks for the seller! He can also be recommended, he immediately posted the goods, it was almost exactly 4 weeks to Vienna, but that's normal.

5 / 5

Chayan Kuular | 2020-11-05

It’s real and lovely ! No shedding

5 / 5

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